Daimler Double Six XJC V12 Coupe 5.3 1976




The Daimler Double Six XJC V12 Coupe is one of the rarest of Jaguar cars with just over 400 produced from 1975 to 1978. Powered by a 5.3 litre V12 with fuel injection it was a genuine British super car launched into a world of recession, fuel crises and political uncertainty. One of the last cars designed by Sir William Lyons on the base of the acclaimed short wheel base XJ platform these cars look fabulous and exude quality. With 265 bhp and 150 mph wrapped up in a good looking 2 door sports saloon with leather, chrome and a world beating chassis the Jaguar and Daimler Coupes have always attracted a small group of enthusiasts which seems to be growing.


OXJ 96 has unmarked regency red paintwork with tobacco leather seats and the original tan carpets and has covered just over 60,000 miles from new. Never requiring restoration, this car has been gently refurbished and with Kent alloy wheels and the vinyl roof removed is every bit the sporting cat. A factory fitted Radiomobile with fully operational electric aerial is the limit of the in car entertainment although winding down the electric windows and blipping the throttle more than makes up for this. New seals were fitted throughout during the glass out bare metal repaint and a photographic record has been retained with the history. If you would like to add an extremely rare British sporting saloon to your collection then this is worth considering. As with all of our vehicles, any inspection is welcome.