Jaguar E Type Series 1 2+2 1967 4.2 Restoration




The Series 1 Jaguar E Type is without doubt one of the best looking British cars made. This one has had a complete body restoration having been stripped of all components, dipped to remove all paint, sealer, and rust before having a photographic replacement of floor pans and sills with extra strengthening to protect against side impact. The body shell will be dipped again and then etch primed to modern day standards before having a high quality repaint inside, outside and underneath. This project can be purchased at any stage with the new owner having their choice of colour and specification. My preference is for a Jaguar E Type to be in Gunmetal with Red Leather with standard 4.2 engine fitted with a 4 speed overdrive gearbox on standard wire wheels but at the moment this is a bare shell so the options are open. There are many E Types to choose from but few that let you see exactly what you are buying and many that hold some unwelcome surprises. The 2+2 is a versatile car that can be used as every day transport or locked away for special occasions. I used my previous one as a company car for 18 months making use of the generous government allowances for classic company vehicles before the prices went up. You can still do this with the Jaguar XJ Coupes but the pretty well all of the road worthy E Types are priced beyond this scheme. Anyway, get in touch if you would like to look at this one or for more details.